14 Marzo 2018

July 30th 2018 Live For Paestum. Massimo Bottura, the world’s new number one, Heinz Reitbauer, Sven Elverfeld and Franco Pepe: Top chefs serving culture

An exceptional event, a unique dinner; one of those that happen only once in a lifetime and are forever remembered. All for a noble cause: supporting and enhancing excavation activities while enjoying one of the most important archaeological parks in the world: Paestum, a UNESCO heritage site.

This event will take place on July 30th 2018, thanks to the LSDM organization in collaboration with the Archaeological Park of Paestum.  Four prominent names of the international culinary scene will combine their inspiration and knowledge to amaze the lucky diners in the ancient city of Paestum.

We are talking about three star chefs: Massimo Bottura of the Franciscan Osteria of Modena, already an icon of Italian cuisine, 3 Michelin stars and the World’s 50 Best Restaurants New Number One; Heinz Reitbauer, chef of the Steirereck restaurant of Vienna, 2 Michelin stars and fourteenth among the World’s 50 Best Restaurants; Sven Elverfeld of Aqua at The Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg, 3 Michelin stars and among the best chefs in the world, again according to the 50 best. To complete the dream team, Franco Pepe, world renowned master pizza chef, first place in the ranking compiled by 50 Top Pizza, to whom will be entrusted the “overture” of what looks to be a great concert of taste.

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The purpose of the initiative is also, in a certain sense, tied to the theme of food. In fact, a topic extensively discussed in the field of archeology is that of the sacred banquet, masterfully described in the volume edited by Jean-Pierre Vernant and Marcel Detienne, Kitchen of sacrifice in the Greek land. In the case of Paestum, in particular, there are still many questions regarding these practices. The focus of the archeologists, guided by the Director of the Archaeological Park, Gabriel Zuchtriegel, is an enigmatic building near the Temple of Neptune: the so-called Priest House. With regards to the structure in question, academic and scientific studies have not yet been carried out.  However, given its position, it is assumed that it was precisely this place which was predisposed for accommodating the sacrificial banquets offered to the gods on behalf of the priests.

“We strongly believe,” stress Barbara Guerra and Albert Sapere, the organizers of the International Congress of Gourmet Cuisine LSDM, “that in a country such as Italy, the mixing of food and culture and their synergy are fundamental; and this event is proof of that. We hope that such initiatives are replicated elsewhere to promote and enhance the treasures of our land”.

“It is an honor to be a part of this amazing event with Massimo Bottura and Heinz Reitbauer” says Sven Elverfeld “I am looking forward to delight the guests at this unique place with an unforgettable dinner and to support thearchaeological park of Paestum.”

A few exclusive seats are available to thank those who will support the initiative with a donation of 800 eros per person. To participate you will need to write to: pae.fundraising@beniculturali.it. Subsequently, the payment will need to be made to the bank account of the Archaeological Park of Paestum, as will be indicated in the e-mail response of the Park. Supporters will then send the receipt of payment to the e-mail indicated above. To thank them for their donation, they will receive an official invitation, via email, to be presented at the entrance on the day of the event.


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